School of Nursing

School of Nursing




Sathyabama College of Nursing offers training in Nursing at the undergraduate level. The Institution is been approved by Government of Tamil Nadu, Indian Nursing Council and Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives Council. College started its first batch in the academic year 2019-20.Nursing is growing with current trends and technologies in health care system. Today, nursing is also influenced by consumer’s awareness, patient rights and health care cost. Scientific advancements in healthcare system and research made today’s nursing to focus on evidence based nursing practice. The turbulent swirl of change within this country’s health care industry has provided challenges and opportunities for nursing. Competent nurses are in demand all over the world.  The Institution provides training especially to develop skills in problem solving and critical thinking. The students will be updated with advanced technologies in patient care, comfort and safety even in disaster situations. Humanism in nursing is not relegated to the next place in the Institution. The graduate nurses from Sathyabama College of Nursing will be the Brand Ambassadors for the provision of care with compassion.

Advanced Learning Resources
Well Equipped Hospitals with Advanced Technologies for Quality Care
Smart Class Rooms & Air Conditioned Laboratories


  • Publications

The faculty and students of the Nursing are constantly engaged in research activities and motivated to publish their research findings in the peer-reviewed national and international journals, conferences and book chapters.

International journal of Nursing studies, Indian journal of haematology and blood transfusion, Indian journal of public health, Indian journal of palliative care, Journal of communicable diseases, Journal of clinical nursing, Nurse education today, Advances in nursing science, American journal of Nursing, Journal of applied nursing research, British journal of Nursing, Australian nursing and midwifery journal, TNNMC's Journal of paediatric nursing, TNNMC'S journal of medical and surgical nursing, TNNMC's Journal of community health nursing, TNNMC's Journal of obstetrics and gynaecological nursing,TNNMC's Journal of mental health nursing,TNNMC's Journal of Nursing administration and education


Sathyabama College of Nursing envisions being a world class Institution of Eminence producing skillful nurses who would serve efficiently in the global level.

  • To strengthen the fundamental knowledge on recent trends in the nursing profession by introducing new sessions in the educational programme which can ultimately enhance the employability skill.
  • To extend the lead time of nursing at the frontiers through relevant Research and Development.
  • To prepare efficient nursing leaders through training in nursing administration management.
  • To describe values, code of ethics and professional conduct of nurses in India.
  • To indoctrinate knowledge in serving the rural and urban community.
Programme Educational Objectives (PEO'S)
  • Apply knowledge obtained from physiological and behavioral sciences, medicine including alternative systems of medicine in the provision of nursing care to individual, family and community.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills in making decisions in all situations in order to provide quality care.
  • Provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services in par with the national health policies and programme.
  • Participate effectively as a member of the health team in health care delivery system.
  • Contribute interest towards the advancement of self and of the profession.
  • Utilize recent trends and technology in providing health care.
Programme Outcomes (PO'S)
  • Knowledge on Nursing Basics: apply knowledge regarding concept of health and scope of nursing in identifying patients’ basic health care needs.
  • Problem Solving Approach: identify the various health problems, etiology, patho-physiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostic measures and nursing management with problem solving skills.
  • Nurse and the Community: demonstrate the roles and responsibilities of a nurse in health care delivery system in rural and urban community.
  • Communication and Nursing Education: develop effective human relations in context of nursing.
  • Nursing Research: apply knowledge in identifying the societal needs and conduct research projects as a team.                                     
Programme Specific Outcomes(PSO'S)
  • Facilitate the nursing concepts and to take a challenging role in health care setting.
  • Encompass the knowledge in the community thereby taking a lead in public health nursing.
  • Realize and equip with modern nursing concepts in occupational health.   


Department Highlights
  • The College offers a generic undergraduate program.
  • The Nursing program has a strong leadership focus with advanced learning resources.
  • Various Memorandum of Understanding is made with nearby corporate and government hospitals.
  • Regular quality check in our programme to ensure the best manpower in the society.
  • Provision of strong foundation in Fundamentals, Medical & Surgical, Pediatric, Psychiatric, Community Health, Obstetrics & Gynaecological Nursing.
  • Training in organising Mass Health Education Programme in Rural and Urban Community.
  • Empowerment of knowledge through Continuing Nursing Education, Problem Based Learning Workshops & Simulations in academic and Clinical Fields.
  • 100% placement assistance is given after completion of the degree in various Multispeciality hospitals.


Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology places emphasize on co-curricular and extracurricular activities These activities are student centered and primarily aims to supplement regular curricular activities.Its goal is to represent the student body in making the study experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

International Relations

Centre for Academic Partnership & International Relations is an initiative of Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology devoted to promote academic alliances with Universities and Institutes at National and International level. The Centre establishes a link through Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate Research Collaboration, Student Exchange Programmes and Faculty Exchange Programmes.


  • Collaboration and MOU's
  • Facilities

Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the following Multi Speciality Hospitals for providing Clinical Experience to the students with the motto of acquiring a wide knowledge in the clinical practice

  • Gleneagles Global Health City, Corporate Hospital
  • Dr.Boaz Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre
  • Corporation Hospital, Chennai




The college is housed in Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology Campus, which also has various institutions, spread over an area of more than 100 acres and attached to 100 bedded General Hospital. The infrastructure is available as per the Indian Nursing Council Requirements for the students’ comfortable learning.

Class rooms: Class rooms are well furnished and well equipped with latest audio visual aids.

class room


All the departments have separate laboratories that are fully equipped with advanced Mannequins, Simulators, Models, Specimens, Audio Visual Aids, computers and necessary articles for procedure demonstrations which will be practiced in the clinical setting by the students.

Nursing Foundation Lab

Nursing Foundation Lab

Nursing Foundation lab is a patient simulator. Nursing is an art and science that needs a lot of practice. The Nursing Foundation lab is the practical area of the students where they perform all nursing procedures prior to the exposure to the clinical field. The faculty uses the lab for various demonstrations of procedures in nursing. This spacious laboratory is well equipped with patient simulator, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation manikin, life form hand simulation, etc. in addition to the facilities in real ward situation.

Material and Child Health Nursing Lab

Maternal and Child Health Nursing Lab

Provision of nursing care to mother and child is an important nursing responsibility for which students are trained during their training. MCH Lab provides a learning atmosphere to the students for developing skills before performing procedures in the hospital. Different types of exhibits, posters, growth charts, immunization etc are also displayed. A separate section is designated to teach students regarding selection of playful material for different age groups.

Community Health Nursing Lab

Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing laboratory helps the students to develop enviable knowledge and attitude on comprehensive care to the individual, family and community. The laboratory is equipped with community bags and articles for performing various procedures such as screening of diseases and care of minor ailments in urban and rural communities. The laboratory consists of models like ideal village, different types of wells, latrines, methods of water purification etc. Family folders for home visits are maintained in the laboratory.

Nutrition Lab

Nutrition Lab

The laboratory is used by students for basic cooking skills, and learning about the influence of culture on food. Applied human nutrition students also use the laboratory for modifying recipes to meet special dietary requirements or based on health goals. The laboratory is used for extra-curricular activities for the nutrition students and staff, such as the healthy eating cooking session covering basic knife and cookery skills.


Library with advanced resources

Spread over 2400 sq. ft., well-stacked with the latest editions of books and journals (both Indian and International). 1635 Books, 10 National Journals and 5 International Journals are currently available as per Indian Nursing Council Norms. In tune with the current trend of education, a virtual library with internet access, media resource services, computerized database access and E-access are also available.

Events and Achievements

1st Batch of  B.Sc Nursing Inauguration


Sathyabama College of Nursing celebrated the inaugural function of first batch of B.Sc Nursing Students (2019-2020) on 30th October 2019. Prof.Dr. L. Lakshmi, Dean, Sathyabama College of Nursing, welcomed the freshers. Prof.Dr. S. ANI GRACE KALAIMATHI, Registrar, Tamilnadu Nurses & Midwives Council presided over the function as the chief guest and blessed the students for their bright future in the profession.The Chief patrons were Dr.Mariazeena Johnson, Chancellor Madam & Dr.Marie Johnson, President Sir. Chancellor madam inspired the Freshers with her motivational speech. 

1st Batch of B.Sc Nursing Lamp Lighting Ceremony


Sathyabama College of Nursing celebrated the Lamp Lighting Ceremony of its first Batch B.Sc Nursing Students on 14th February, 2020. The programme started with procession of the students along with the dignitaries followed by invocation song. Dr.Mariazeena Johnson, Chancellor, Dr.Marie Johnson, President, Ms.Muthuram G, Nursing Superintendent and the Chief Guest of the day lightened the Kuthu villaku followed by enlightening of the students lamp by our Chancellor Madam and Chief Guest. 

Webinar Series on: The Changing Role of Nursing in Covid-19


This webinar was aimed at increasing our awareness on the role of nurses in this particular situation. Dr. Judith Angelitta Noronha, a Professor and Associate Dean, Dept. of Maternal Health Nursing, Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dr. Sailaxmi Gandhi is the Additional Professor and Head of the Dept of Nursing, NIMHANS. She also holds the post of Nursing Consultant in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre &Dr. Shyamala Kumar, Nursing Director, NMC Hospital, DIP, Dubai were the speakers of the webinar.

Virtual Lecdem on Hemodynamic Assessment and Monitoring


As health professionals, it is one of the key duties of nurses to early recognise the abnormal changes in vital functions of the body and effectively monitor until it is deemed necessary. Moreover, COVID-19 patients are prone to deteriorate rapidly and the management differs case-to-case and with time-to-time, largely based on symptoms and hemodynamic changes. Dr.D.C.Mathangiis a Professor &amp, Head, Dept of Mind Body Medicine &amp, Lifestyle Sciences,Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Porur, Chennai.  

Online CNE on Essential Communication skills for Nurses during Covid 19-The Do's and Dont's


Dr. Asha P Shetty, Professor cum Principal, College of Nursing, Chief Nursing Officer (Additional responsibility), All India Institute Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar, is a doctorate in Nursing, the expert speaker highlighted on the significance of communication among the nurses during the care of COVID patients. The programme was successful.

Faculty Development Programme on Emerging Learning management System


Faculty Development Programme on the Emerging Trends in Learning Management System was organised by Sathyabama College of Nursing, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology between 21st- 25th July 2020. Ms. Latha Nonis, Head of Nursing, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore was the Expert Speaker and elaborated about various strategies and techniques to assess the clinical judgemental skills and the significance of clinical decision making. session on “Online Assessment Methods” was briefed by Dr.Girija Sivakumar, Professor , karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Madhuranthagam. session on “Nuts and bolts of Learning Management System” was comprehensated by Dr.Chinmay Shah, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Physiology, Bio Ethics Unit, Govt. Medical College, Bhavnagar. session on “Making Online classes more interactive” was dealt by Dr.D.C. Mathangi, Professor and Head, Department of Mind Body Medicine and Lifestyle Sciences. session on “Designing and Development of Outcome Based Curriculum” by Dr.Narasimman Swaminathan, Vice Principal, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, SRIHER, Chennai.

World Breast Feeding Week -2020


World Breastfeeding Week was celebrated on 8th, August 2020 by organizing e-Lecture cum Simulation and Observation. It was dealt by Dr.Sonali Shivlani, Executive Director & Consultant, Childbirth and Pregnancy & Postnatal Association of India. CAPPA conducts professional training programs in Birth, Lactation and New Parent Education. She demonstrated about recent skilled breast feeding techniques and Counseling services to the lactating mothers.

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