Women Grievance Cell

The institution takes immense care and gives importance to the safety and security of girls and women in the campus.Our women grievance cell stays alert all the time to prevent any sexual abuse towards the students and female workers. 

The main objectives of Women Grievance Cell are : taking necessary action on the grievances received, being proactive on women safety in the campus, taking feedback from the girls and women in the campus and sharing it with relevant authorities to improve our safety system . If the girl students face any harassment from the staff or workers, then they can complain at our women grievance cell. The members will look into the issues, gather the evidence, and take the necessary action against the guilty. Any grievance received is scrutinized and necessary action is taken immediately by the Cell. Girls/women shall  also post their grievance at [email protected]

The composition of the Cell is :

1. Dr.Dilshad Shaik, Dean, School of Law

2. Dr.Packialakshmi, Head, Department of Civil

3. Ar.Sanghavi, Asst.Professor, Department of Architecture

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