S.NO Forms Ph.D. (PDF Format) Ph.D. (Word Format)
1 Procedure to be followed for Ph.D Programme.
2 Application form
3 Form for ID
4 Minutes of First DC Meeting
5 Semester Progress Report (Form 1)
6 Details of the Ph.D Scholar
7 Application for Regular course work registration (Form 2)
9 Coursework Hall Ticket
10 Application form for Supervisor recognition (Form 3)
11 Approval form for the change of subject for research scholars (Form 5)
12 Check list of fee details of Research Scholar prior to Comprehensive Meeting (Form 7)
13 Minutes of Second DC Meeting Comprehensive Meeting
14 Request for Extension
15 Minutes of Extension meeting
16 Form for verification of Faculty for award of Ph.D degree
17 Checklist Prior to Synopsis meeting (Form 8)
18 Check list while submitting Ph.D Synopsis (Form 9)
19 Minutes of Synopsis Meeting
20 Manual for Preparation of Synopsis
21 Manual for Preparation of Thesis
22 Panel of Indian and Foreign Examiners (Form 13 A & B)
23 Check list while submitting Ph.D Thesis (Form 10)
24 Application form for Similarity Index check of Article
25 Application form for Similarity Index check of Thesis
26 Proceedings of viva voce meeting and instructions
27 Check list while submitting the proceedings of the viva voce Examinations (Form 11)
28 Application for Convocation (Form 12)
29 Requisition for Conduct of DC Meetings
30 For applying Course Completion Certificate - (Form 15) ;