Placement training is offered to students at different stages of their academics. Industrial training requirements are identified, training programs are designed and facilitated to students effectively. The training modules are regularly upgraded based on the current industry expectations and interactions with the recruiters.

Training Process:



Training Outcomes:

Training outcomes are designed to help students identify their strengths and interests; expose them to a wide range of opportunities to enhance clarity about their goals; and guide them to pursue internships, jobs and leadership experiences that best suits them personally and professionally. We have created the environment which gives the students the right balance between their academic commitments and co-curricular activities in order to excel in both.



Training Outcome 1: Determine

Students learn to:

  • Examine their interests, strengths and skills
  • Articulate the acquired knowledge towards work-related skills
  • Explore a wide variety of career fields and opportunities

Training Outcome 2: Develop

Students learn to:

  • Gain experience and insights through Internships, Contests and Corporate events
  • Assess and build on the employability fit to a variety of work roles
  • Formulate a professional network and engage in information interchange

Training Outcome 3: Depict

Students learn to:

  • Project themselves productively to probable employers (through online/offline tests, well compiled written documents and skillful interview presence)
  • Understand and plan for future professional credentials

Training Modules:



  1. Aptitude


    • Numbers
    • Permutations &Combinations
    • Geometry,Mensuration
    • Probability
    • Time and Work & Time, Speed, Distance
    • Profit and Loss & Ratios & Proportions
    • Trignometry & Height and Distance
    • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
    • Averages & Percentages & Partnership
    • Clocks & Calendars, Cubes & Cuboids
    • Problems on Ages
    • Logarithms, Progressions 


    • Synonyms, Antonyms
    • Selecting Words, Grammar Basics
    • Spotting Errors
    • Sentence Completion, Sentence Correction, Sentence Improvement
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Jumbled Sentences
    • Theme Detection
    • Verbal Analogies
    • Sentence Formation, Paragraph Formation
    • Choosing the Correct Word
    • Idioms and Phrases


    • Logical Deductions, Logical Puzzles
    • Odd Man Out, Analogies
    • Image Based Problems, Coding and Decoding
    • Direction Sense
    • Critical Reasoning & Analytical Reasoning
    • Syllogism
    • Blood Relations
    • Seating Arrangements, Data Arrangements
    • Data Interpretation
    • Sentence Selection
    • Venn Diagrams
    • Statement and Conclusions, Crypt-arithmetic
    • Data Sufficiency

  2. Technical

    • C for all branches
    • C++ for all branches
    • Java
    • Data Structures
    • Networking
    • Web designing
    • IOT/Python/SQL/DBMS
    • Android

  3. Soft Skills

    • Goal Setting
    • Career Planning
    • Reaching your Potential
    • Time Management
    • Stress Management
    • Grooming and Discipline
    • Communication Skills
    • Listening Skills
    • Team Building
    • Assertiveness
    • Creativity
    • Group Discussion and Personal Interview
    • HR Round practice 

Online Practice and Assessments:

As we understand that assessments are a vital part in improving the students’ aptitude skills, we are offering the students an interactive, learning-centric, user-friendly, robust test taking platform which gives immediate, insightful performance report with detailed explanation. The online assessment system is a boon to improve their aptitude skills consistently.
The Online Practice/Assessment Platform has: 

  • High quality tests with varied difficulty levels.
  • Instant results with in-depth analysis.
  • Explanatory answers for each question.
  • Varieties of customized reports possible.

Students can login by Clicking here, an online test taking portal for Practice/Assessment.

Career Development Programme:

Our Placement and Training Cell offers Career Development Program for the students who are raring to enter the corporate world and introduce them to the prospective employers according to their aspirations and background. The training programs have been formulated after a thorough analysis of unique requirement of various companies as the required skills will vary according to the company’s requirement. We impart this training program with the help of reputed training Institutes. They enable our students to gain a competitive edge in the recruitment process, groom their confidence and develop their personality. The training modules will be formulated to improve our students’ skills.




Value Added Skill Development:

  1. BEC – Business English Certificate program been offered to our students to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students are encouraged to take this during their second year of studies with us.

  2. Regular Seminars are conducted to keep in touch with the recent trends in the Higher education scenario by resource persons from United States Educational Foundation in India (USEFI) - a part of U.S. Embassy, U.K. Consulate, Professors from Foreign Universities and our Alumni who have done Higher Studies and employed in India and Abroad.

  3. Networking courses are also conducted for students on the following areas:




  4. Software courses for Non-IT students are also conducted in the following areas:



    • C & C + + PROGRAMMING


    • ORACLE

    • J2EE