Seed Funding

S. No.



Project Title

1 Dr. Anderson A. Dr. V. Maria Anu, Mr. Nivin Joy, Mr.Vijay Pepakayala, Dr.A.Annam Renita Aeronautical Engineering Multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicle disease control and agriculture drone
2 Dr. Vigneshwari S Computer Science and Engineering Safety stick for elders
3 Dr.B.Bharathi, Dr.P.Asha Computer Science and Engineering Smart Handgloves to Congregate vitals through social distancing
4 Dr. S. Prakash Centre for Climatic Change MarOrn Shrimp Feeds: Commercial Feed for Marine Ornamental Shrimp Aquaculture
5 Dr.A.M.Kamalan Kirubaharan Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Thermal Insulative Coatings for Roofs and steels
6 Dr.R.Padmapriya, Dr.S.Packialakshmi, Mr.J.Baalamurugan, Ms.S.T.Dharini and Mr.Melbin Robin Civil Engineering Pervious and Non-pervious Paver blocks by utilizing recycled aggregates and Fly Ash
7 Dr. T. S. Shyju Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Material Development
8 Dr. Sindu Divakaran,Dr T.Sudhakar,Mr Parthasarathy, and Mr Hemaprakash Biomedical Engineering Smart Digitized Pain Level Detector
9 Mr. Kaja Bantha Navas R Aeronautical Engineering Design and development of coconut tree harvesting drone
10 Ar. R. Ramkumar Architecture Time Efficient Modular Prefab Shelter (TEMPS)
11 Dr. K Chennakesavulu Chemistry Ozonizer for disinfection and removal of pesticides in vegetables, fruits, fish and mutton
12 Dr.Kirubashankar Parthasarathy Centre for drug discovery and development Anti-viral discovery – capsules inhaler
13 Dr. Y.Swarnalatha and Mr.Immanuel Rajkumar Biotechnology UV Sanitization box for covid-19
14 Dr.S.Kumaran Centre for drug discovery and development Economically feasible feed development from the biodegradable by-products of Shrimp waste for the culturing fishes
15 Ar. T.N.Saiteja, Ar. Ssurya Rajkumar and Ar. S.G.Selvendiran Architecture The cozy case
16 Dr.G.Senthilkumar , Dr.Purusothaman Mechanical NANOBUBBLES TECHNOLOGY
17 Dr.Jeya Jeevahan , Dr.R.B.Durai Raj Mechanical Design and Fabrication of Edible film making Machine
18 Dr.A.Sivasankari, Dr.R.M.Gomathi and ,Dr.R.Revathi Information Technology Sathyabama Canteen APP
19 Dr.M.Nirmala ,Dr.D.Angel Mathematics
Game Based Learning and Gamification for Calculus in Math Classrooms
20 Dr.J.Karthikeyan , Dr.T.Kiruthika and Dr.V.Kavitha Chemistry Production of smart distilled water from Air Conditioning Unit
21 Dr.C.Murugadoss Nanoscience and Technology Production and commercialization of high-quality selective metals and metal alloys nanoparticles for diverse applications
22 Dr.Brijitta. J, Mr.Saravanan and Mr.Sanjeevi prasad Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Centralized Chemical Inventory
23 Dr.Jayshree Nellore, Dr.C. Valli Nachiyar Biotechnology Hydrogel patch for effective wound healing