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PrEl's Biotech India Pvt Ltd

Elavazhagan Murugan, Thnikachalam Murugan, Kolandaivelu Eswararaja (External Startup)

Blue Biotechnology

PrEl’s Biotech is Sathyabama TBI incubated Startup developing the solution for Oil & Heavy metal pollution in water by using Enzymes

[email protected]


MVG Digital Consulting Pvt Ltd

John Vijay Bhaskar,  Mrudula Akhandam (External Startup)

Web 3.0

MVG Digital Consulting is a web 3.0 company developing the exclusive products for education and Children with the support of recent technologies

[email protected]


Glonix Electronics Pvt Ltd

Natarajan Anish, Agalya Kondappan,
Na Prasad Malcolm Anthony
(External Startup)


Glonix Electronics is developing the customized PCB board manufacturing

[email protected]


Koshell Cutlery Private Limited

Robin Melbin, S Shrimathy,
Packialakshmi (Faculty Startup)

Coconut Value Addition

Koshell Cutlery is value adding the coconut by products

[email protected]


Space Biotech Private Limited

Kasivelu Govindaraju, Veeramani Velayutham (Faculty Startup)

Organic Products

Space Biotech is developing the Organic based products for agriculture and Healthcare

[email protected]


Bogar Biologicals Private Limited

Ravi Mani, Lavanya (Faculty Startup)


Bogar biologicals is developing and marketing the organic immune booster for Shrimp and fishes

[email protected]


Thamizhi Eco Pro Private Limited

Muthusamy, Vasantha Kumar, Baalan Ramkumar (Faculty Startup)


Tamizhi Eco pro is developing the Sustainable products

[email protected]


Phyzoo Aqua Products Private Limited

Kumar, Manoharan Regila Manohari
(Faculty Startup)


Phyzoo Aqua is developing the products from fish waste

[email protected]


Build Geeks Private Limited

Shri Vishalini Rajaram, Lalitha Rajaram


Build Geeks providing Bioinformatics and Scientific writing as a service

[email protected]


Nano G

Mr. C. M. Vineeth Kumar,
Ms. Bhavani Sree (Student Startup)

Bio medical Device

Nano G is Developing the designs for Biomedical application

[email protected]


Pectogel Nanobio Wrap

P. Sowmiya,
T. Muthubharath (Student Startup)

Nano Tech

Team is developing the Organic biowrap for Food

[email protected]



V. Manasa,
S. Tejaswini (Student Startup)

Biomedical Device

Hydra kit is developing the dehydration analysis kit

[email protected]


Breath Analyser

Annam Santosh Kumar,
J. Meena Manjuri,
P. Lochana (Student startup)

Biomedical Device

Breathe analyser is working on the product for analyze the Breathe related disease

[email protected]


Biopolymer based eco bags

Harshvardhan Rathore,
Raaja Veerappan (Student Startup)

Polymer Tech

Trio team developing the Eco friendly bags using biopolymer

[email protected]


Probiotics for Shrimp Culture

S. R. Ratchnashree (Student Startup)


Developing the probiotics for Shrimp culture




S. Lakshmi Narayanan,
S. Manikandan,
A.S. Suriyaraj, K.R.Arjun Aditya (Student Startup)


Developing the Algal based products

[email protected]


Biochar Enriched with Nanoscale Micronutrients for soil fertilizer applications

Mr. S. Muthamil Selvan,
Ms. Amreen Nisa (Student Startup)


Developing the Nanoscale micro nutrients for soil fertilizer application

[email protected]


Fabrication of EMI  Shielding Materials

Jashwanth, Sai Krishna Sanjay, Reddy
Ajay Shivasharan, Suraj Ramesh (Student Startup)

Mechanical Engineering

Fabricated a EMI Shielding material for Heat resistance

[email protected]


Smart Wearable Band for Covid 19 Patients

Kamal Sharma, Pepakayala Vijay Kumar, Nithin (Student startup)

Smart Devices

Developed a Smart band for Covid-19 patients

[email protected]


Seaweed with Herbal Face Mask with Eye Shied and Organic Enriched with Natural Wet Wipes

Amreen Nisa, Vinu (Student Startup)


Developed and marketed the seaweed based  Herbal Face Mask with Eye Shied and Organic Enriched with Natural Wet Wipes

[email protected]


Effective and Portable Defense Products

Mohamed Armoon Shaliq, Karan, Tejesawar, Vinayaga Moorthy (Student Startup)

Women Safety

Fabricated the Portable Defence product for women safety

[email protected]


Brown  Seaweed based    Immune Booster

G. Mirnalini, S. Sakthi narendharan (Student Startup)


Developed and marketed the brown seaweed based Immune Booster for Shrimp

[email protected]


PG Hostel

Balanagu Yashwanth, Ayan,
(Student Startup)


Developed a management software for PG Hostels

[email protected]


Inventorization of E - Waste Management – The Global Scenario

Yashwi Kaushik, Rahul Raj (Student Startup)

Waste Management

Innovated and Redesigned the trash collecting dustbin with advanced technologies

[email protected]


Development of Nozzle and Holder for Bubble Top Water Cans

Praveen Raj, Sathish Kumar (Student Startup)


Created the product of easily accessible for Elder and Physically challenged people

[email protected]


Yes EM Yes Air De Toxifier

Abdul Rameez, Daniel Robinson, Arvind Anilkumar (Student Startup)


Environmental pollution controller with patented technologies

[email protected]



S. Shrimathy, Melbin Robin (Student Startup)

Coconut value Addition

Coconut shell based value addition product developed by koshe

[email protected]


Hospital - connect

Saurav Jaiswal (Student Startup)


Developed a software to connect the hospitals

[email protected]


The automated system for epilepsy seizure prediction

SuvamBhowal (Student Startup)

Bio medical Device

Developed a device for epilepsy seizure prediction

[email protected]


Sensor for Institutional Transport

Ikben Gosh (Student Startup)

Smart Device

To regulate and monitor the Institutional transport developed a device

[email protected]


Drone - Advanced way of farming

Siba Prasad Choudhury (Student Startup)


Developing the drone for agriculture application

[email protected]


Surface Engineered and Enzyme Immobilized super paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for wastewater treatment

Sahityasai Chamarthy (Student Startup)

Water Treatment

Developed the Nanotechnology based wastewater treatment products

[email protected]


Cellulose - Geopolymer for emission control in Diesel Engines

Krishna Raj (Student Startup)


Designed the Product for Diesel Engine emission control

[email protected]


Cellulose - Geopolymer sandwich thermal shield for Automobiles

Akash Mishra (Student Startup)


Developed a Thermal Shield for automobile applications

[email protected]


Mattram - Water bottle

Ram Kumar (Student Startup)


Sustainable Water bottles alternative for Plastic bottles

[email protected]


Glass Tank Sciences Pvt Ltd

Dr. S. Prakash, Dr. Amit Kumar (Sathayabama Faculty Members)


Glass Tank Science is a prestigious company that makes scientifically formulated pellet feeds using both animal and plant based diets for the freshwater and marine aquarium animals. Our feeds specially coated with fish oil and will be suitable for Indian conditions and also meet out the International standards

[email protected]


TeXPLO Embedded Solutions LLP

Dr.M.SUGADEV, Mr.K.T.ILAYARAJAA, Dr.T.RAVI, (Sathayabama Faculty Members)

Web 3.0

Our Company aims to provide expert technical solutions for Embedded, AI and IoT based applications including product design and development, to meet clients requirements and market demand. The product lineup includes Autonomous outdoor/indoor spray painting drone and agricultural sprayer.

[email protected]


Whizz EduGamics LLP

Dr. Angel D, Dr. Nirmala M (Sathayabama Faculty Members)

Game Application

Whizz Edu Gamics creates digital games as an innovative pedagogical tool to engage the students through immersive experiences of Mathematical Concepts offering easy yet enjoyable math learning.

[email protected]


Jaali Innovations LLP

Anush S, Telferd Jude Nicholas Hawes, Dr. V Senthil Nayagam (Sathayabama Alumini & Faculty Members)


We come up with hi-tech innovative solutions to safe guard people and all other living beings from the pests and menaces of the society. We have now come up with the smart automatic pest killing window

[email protected]


Hinnovx Pvt Ltd

Dr . Grace Kanmani, Dr. Bethanney Janney, Dharanivasan,, Mani Teja Gurenka, Yaswant Rajasekaran, Ganesh, Mrs. Premalatha Jeyaraman (Sathayabama Students & Faculty Members)


A smart wearable glass  that detects eye strain and neck  posture while using a laptop or  mobile phone for an extended  period of time.It also detect the eye fatigue and if the person remains seated for an extended period of time. This will aid the  person to maintain proper health

[email protected]


Nilavalam Agri Developers Pvt Ltd

Saravanan, Shathish Aswin, Kathavarayan (Sathayabama Faculty Member & External Members)


Solution for Agriculture manpower, products and dry agriculture lands

[email protected]


V 6 Inventions LLP

Dr.Vigneshwari S, Dr.S.L.Jany Shabu, Dr.J.Refonaa, Dr.Sasikala (Sathayabama Faculty Members)


Safety stick for elderly and less mobile people, IoT based data acquisition instruments and smart health data acquisition gadget

[email protected]


Y R Media Pvt Ltd

Mr. A Edward Kennedy, Mr. Yuvaraj (Sathayabama Faculty Members)


YR studio creates on-demand virtual tours as per client demands, be it tourism sector, pilgrimage
or educational institutes and industries.

[email protected]


Scrapiers Cycles Pvt Ltd

Ramana.S, Mukesh Kumar .R, Rameshbabu A, Sudarsan.k (Sathayabama Students & Faculty Member)


Scrapiers Cycles deals with the conversion of scrap cycles to e-cycles. The company also
customizes regular cycles to e-cycles as per customer demand.

[email protected]


CampEve Events Pvt Ltd

Henry John, Tanvee Bandi, Anurag Prasad (Sathayabama Students)

Web application

Eventers is mediator app bridging college and students. Through this app , students will be able to Participate in college events -  To enhance the skills of students, they must be provided with opportunities to explore their creativity.

[email protected]


Benx Solutions LLP

Dr J Cruz Antony, Sangeetha K (Sathayabama Faculty Member & External Member)

Edu Tech

Our start-up targets on making AI solutions for educational institutions by providing an Intelligent Assessment System as a part of the online education and evaluation system process.

[email protected]


Heuristers Technology Solutions LLP

Harish B and GP Babu (Sathayabama Student and External)

Web Application

Heuristers Technology Solutions (HTS) is an Indian core technology service and consulting company. We work with Hardware’s, Software’s and industrial mechanical works. We also work with IOT based projects both in hardware’s and software’s.

[email protected]


ZapX Finance Pvt Ltd

Sada M, Soumya P, Preethi Y (Sathayabama Students)

Fin Tech

Zap fintech, a complete payments ecosystem where we provide payment services for merchants (all in one qr, katha book, pos, billing software, online payment  gateway services) and consumers (UPI, bank transfer and 3rd party payments).

[email protected]


ATechodroid Solutions Pvt Ltd

Abhishek Singh, Shivam Kumar, Divya Gaddhyan (Sathayabama Students)

Web Application

We are solving and helping all the small business/non tech firms that want to get the complete system digital, we are helping them to get their business online up and running in digital form. We provide them Technical/IT services at a very affordable cost

[email protected]


CodeHexCopter Technologies Pvt Ltd

S.Aishwarya, APS Vaishnavi, Arjun Dave, Aditi Jha, Khushi Kaushal and Akshay J (Sathayabama Students)

Web Application

CodeHexCopter is an epitome of  various life changing  software products.  Educational Institutes must submit a set of documents for a specific Accreditation (Ex: NAAC, AIIRA, etc..). Currently the process of collecting the data is a tedious job since it has to be done manually. We at CodeHexCopter are developing websites that acts as a data dumpsite where the Institutes faculties submit the documents required for the accreditation.

[email protected]


Hikayem Innovations Pvt Ltd

Dr.TR. Kalai Lakshmi and Suriya Vignesh P (Sathayabama Faculty and External)

Rapid Prototyping

Hikayem Innovations company aims to introduce innovative products in the market to enhance the life style of people. The product which introduced is smart trolley with an automated billing system i.e. the trolley can bill products and also accept payments from the customers and they need not stand in queue

[email protected]


Cloud Mount Innovations Pvt Ltd

Dr.V.Vijaya Baskar, Backialakshmi V (Sathayabama Faculty Member)

Cloud Computing

Our product eliminate the need for laptops/desktops at presentation sessions. The media content, be it slide decks or videos or documents, can be transferred to the projector over the cloud before or during the presentation session

[email protected]


Bhogam Agro Solutions Pvt Ltd

Dr. Sudha Uthaman, Prabakaran (Sathayabama Faculty Member)


Nursery providing seedlings of transplantable paddy, flowers and vegetables customized as per farmer’s request. By getting these seedlings, water requirement could be reduced as the seed to seedlings stage requires more water.

[email protected]


Kattela Scientific Pvt Ltd

K Chennakesavulu, G Ramanjaneya Reddy, Sreedevi Kattela (Sathayabama Faculty Members)


Kattela makes scientific equipment's related to Agriculture, Water & Food Industry. Our Equipment's will remove the pesticides on vegetable surface and will be useful for rural area. It also develops and supplies the Supramolecules, Natural source based Surfactants, chemicals, Frothers, depressants for the Mineral and Mining extraction.

[email protected]


Oviya Arts Pvt Ltd

Mr. A Edward Kennedy, Mr. Yuvaraj (Sathayabama Faculty Members)

3D Modeling

Oviya Arts is a full-fledged digital drawing Edutech which coaches on Innovative drawing, traditional drawing, story board, animation, miniature, model making, 3D modeling.

[email protected]


Raharsh Pvt Ltd

Dr. M V Rajeshwari and Mr. M V Ram prasad (Sathayabama Faculty and External Members)


Aquaculture Consultancy Services to develop low cost multi strain potential probiotics bacteria from Aeromonas hydrophyla infected fish gut for better growth performance of marine ornamental fishes

[email protected]


AirTrigger Pvt Ltd

Dr.Anderson, Dr.Gobisaravanan, Dr.Nivin Joy and Mr.Vijay Pepakayala (Sathayabama Faculty Members)


Our Company insist pest free plants and diseases free farmers. Our company sprays fertilizers by our drones effectively and quickly. Our company experts guide the farmers to identify the diseases and spray relevant fertilizers accordingly. Our company Nurtures farmers towards the usage of AI based Agro drones.



Penteum Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Dr. D.Ramachandran and Dr. Vinita Vishwakarma (Sathayabama Faculty and External Members)

Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products



Uyar Eriporul Pvt Ltd

Dr. Dawn S S, Mr. A. Santhosh and Dr. N. Nirmala (Sathayabama Faculty Members)

Solid Waste Management

The primary objective of the company would be to divert enormously generated waste cooking oil by restaurants, huge mess in institutions etc into Biodiesel as a Waste to Energy policy.

[email protected]


Poobas Pvt Ltd

Dr. Barani S, Dr. Poornapushpakala and Dr. Subramaniom (Sathayabama Faculty Members)

: Agriculture

The objective of the company is to produce a high quality vegetables and greens which have rich nutrition value with no pesticide usage. To provide opportunities for others having a similar goal. To provide business consultancy for agro product development.

[email protected]


Vellir Products Pvt Ltd

Dr. Dawn S S and Dr. J. Arun (Sathayabama Faculty Members)

Waste Management

The company will focus on recycling used oil to detergent soaps with better cleansing properties.  The company will function to recycle used oil as a Waste Management measure and produce detergent soap that dendrites clothes with considerably less water consumption during rinsing of clothes, catering to much needed Water Management initiative.

[email protected]


Chemmatnano Pvt Ltd

Dr.Murugadoss and Jayathi (Sathayabama Faculty and External Members)

Biochemistry and Biotechnology

We developing high-quality metal, metal alloys, metal oxides, perovskites (ABX3 and ABO3), nanomaterials and carbon allotropes (graphene, reduced graphene oxide, carbon) for  energy, environmental and medical applications. 

[email protected]


Vugha Technological Solution Pvt Ltd

Mr. Ariharan, Mrs. Sadhana and Mr. Ashwin (External Members)

Drone Technology

We are a professional business solutions team. To help you in scale up your business by provide you with tailor-made and customized tech solutions. Business analytical tools that help you understand your stand. Smart application to showcase the best that you have. Incredible quality hardware would bring your project to life. Lifelong services with attracting memberships Post-launch support for all tools that we offer

[email protected]


Health Care

Mr.Guru Abishek (External Members)

Food Science and Nutrition

Healthsure Multigrain Millet Health Mix: Our quest towards healthy food. We are doing homemade health mix readymade flour and drink.  It contains organic cereals, grains, millets. It never disappoints buyers. Our Heathsure Multigrain Millet Health Mix sure has certified to be CFTRI [Central Food Technological Research Institute].

[email protected]


Vivagendx (OPC)

Dr. Haribalaji (External Members)

Health Sciences

Social work activities without accommodation. [Includes a variety of social, counselling, welfare, refugee, referral and similar services to individuals and families in their homes or elsewhere. They may be carried out by government offices or by private charitable organisations. Examples include day-care centres for children (creches), day care activities for the handicapped, welfare and guidance activities for the children etc].

[email protected]