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1 Glass Tank Science Private Limited (DPIIT Recognized) Dr. S. Prakash, Dr. Amit Kumar (Faculty Startup) Pets and Aquarium Industry Glass Tank Science is a company that makes scientifically formulated 
pellet feeds using animal- and plant-based diets for freshwater and marine  aquarium animals. The feeds are specially coated with fish oil and are 
suitable for Indian conditions and adhere to international standards. 
[email protected]
2 CloudMount Private Limited  Dr. V. Vijaya Baskar, Mrs. V. Backialakshmi (FacultyExternal Startup) Cloud Storage and Web 3.0 Cloudmount eliminates the need for laptops/desktops at presentation 
sessions. The media content, be it slide decks or videos or documents, can be transferred to the 
projector over the cloud before or during the presentation session
[email protected]
3 Bhogam Agro Solutions Private Limited  Dr. Sudha Uthaman, Mr. Prabakaran (Faculty-External 
Farming and Agriculture Bhogam Agro Solutions provides seedlings of transplantable paddy, 
flowers and vegetables customized as per farmer’s request. By getting 
these seedlings, water requirement could be reduced as the seed to seedlings stage requires more 
[email protected]
4 HinnovX Private Limited  Dr. Grace Kanmani, Dr. Bethanney Janney Mrs. Premalatha 
Jeyaraman, Mr. Dharanivasan, Mr. Mani Teja Gurenka, Mr. Yaswant 
Rajasekaran, Mr. Ganesh (Faculty-Student Startup) 
Sensors and Optics HinnovX makes wearable spectacles that detect eye strain and neck posture while using a laptop 
or mobile phone for an extended period. It also detects eye fatigue and alerts the wearer if he/she 
remains seated for an extended period. 
[email protected]
5 YR Media Private Ltd Mr. J. Yuvaraj, Mr. A. Edward Kennedy (Faculty 
Media and Virtual Reality  YR studio creates on-demand virtual tours as per client demands, be it tourism sector, pilgrimage 
or educational institutes and industries. 
[email protected]
6 Scrapiers Cycles Private Limited  Mr. S. Ramana, Mr. R. Mukesh Kumar, Mr. K. Sudarsan, 
 Dr. A. Rameshbabu A (Student-Faculty Startup) 
Automobiles and EV Industry  Scrapiers Cycles deals with the conversion of scrap cycles to e-cycles. The company also 
customizes regular cycles to e-cycles as per customer demand.
[email protected]
7 Kattela Scientific Private Limited Dr. K Chennakesavulu, Dr. G Ramanjaneya Reddy, Mrs. Sreedevi (Faculty-External 
Food, Water and Agriculture Industry Kattela Scientific develops large scale equipment's for the agriculture, water & food industry. 
The tailored equipments can remove pesticides from vegetable, fruits, meat and fish. 
[email protected]
8 Oviya Arts Private Ltd  Mr. Edward Kenndy, Mr. J Yuvaraj (Faculty Startup) 
Domain: Arts and Media 
Fine Arts Oviya Arts is a full-fledged digital drawing Edutech which coaches on 
innovative drawing, traditional drawing, story board, animation, miniature, 
model making, 3D modeling. 
[email protected]
BENX Solutions LLP
Dr J Cruz Antony, Mrs. K. Sangeetha (Faculty-External Startup)  Edu Tech  BENX Solutions targets on making AI solutions for educational institutions by 
providing an Intelligent Assessment System as a part of the online education and 
evaluation system process. BENX Solutions also caters to the need for the talent 
acquisition process (a function of the HR department in a company) and other related domains.
[email protected]
10 ZAPX Finance Private Limited Mr. M. Sada, Ms. P. Soumya, Ms. Y. Preethi (Student Startup) Fin Tech  ZAPX finance is a complete payments ecosystem which provides payment 
services for merchants (all in one qr, katha book, pos, billing software, 
online payment gateway services) and consumers (UPI, bank transfer and 
3rd party payments). 
[email protected]
11 Atechodroid Private Ltd Mr. Abhishek Singh, Mr. Shivam Kumar, Ms. Divya Gaddhyan (Student Startup)  Web Application Atechodroid solves and helps small business/non tech firms that want to get the complete system 
digital. Atechodroid helps firms to get their business online up and running in digital form and 
offers Technical/IT services.
[email protected]
12 Campeve Events Private Limited  Mr. Henry John, Mr. Anurag Prasad (Student Startup) Web application Campeve Events is a mediator app bridging college and students. 
Through this app, students will be able to participate in college events and 
connect with peers. 
[email protected]
13 WhizzEduGamics LLP  Dr. D. Angel, Dr. M. Nirmala (Faculty Startup) Gaming, EduTech  Whizz Edu Gamics creates digital games as an innovative pedagogical tool 
to engage the students through immersive experiences of Mathematical 
Concepts offering easy yet enjoyable math learning. 
[email protected]
14 Jaali Innovation LLP  Mr. S. Anush, Mr. Telferd Jude Nicholas Hawes, 
Dr. V Senthil Nayagam (Student-Faculty Startup) 
Electronics  Jaali Innovations offer hi-tech solutions to safe guard people from the pests and menaces of the 
[email protected]
15 TeXPLO Embedded Solutions LLP  Dr. M. Sugadev, Mr. KT. Ilayarajaa, Dr.T. Ravi, (Faculty 
Drone Technology TeXPLO Embedded Solutions provides expert technical solutions for Embedded, AI and IoT 
based applications including product design and development, to meet clients’ requirements and 
market demand. The product lineup includes autonomous outdoor/indoor spray painting drone 
and agricultural sprayer.