Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committee dated (ICC) is re-constituted in our institution in order to deal with the issues of gender based violence and to conduct gender sensitization programme.  The following faculty members are nominated for Internal Complaint Committee (ICC).

Composition :

  • Dr. Dilshad Shaik, Chairperson
  • Dr.V.J.K. Kishor Sonti,Member
  • Ms.Vanitha, Member
  • Ms. Punitha, NGO, MAATRAM Foundation
  • Miss.Venus D Rayan, Member
  • Miss. Govarthini, Member

Duties and Responsibilities of committee members are :

  • Members are advised to be proactive by developing a conductive atmosphere on the campus, where the status of woman is respected
  • To spread the message of Gender Equality in order to eliminate gender bias and gender insensitivity through Seminars, Poster Display
  • To examine all grievance letters received from the employees / students regarding the sexual harassment
  • To provide solution to the employees / students concerned for their grievances within a week after thorough investigation
  • To record the grievances received from the employees / students in a register  

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