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DST FIST Sponsored Materials Research Lab
dst research
Post Graduate and Research Department of Physics has been identified by the DST (SR/FST/PSI- 193/2014) for support under the FIST programme in the year 2014. The ongoing research covers both Theoretical and Experimental Condensed matter physics that includes the thrust areas viz., ab-initio band structure investigations, Crystallography, synthesis of nano materials/thin films/composites, Crystal growth and characterisations, Radiation physics, Ultrasonic and Dielectrics. In addition, the department offers summer training programs/workshops/certific ate courses on materials research and its characterisation, modelling and simulation in materials science and engineering. The department carryout funded R&D projects of various agencies and is offering consultancy services to academic institutions and research organizations.
Contact : Dr.S.Ravichandran - [email protected]