1. Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
nano science
Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology was established in January 2006 to accomplish the goal of enhancing advanced research in the areas of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The centre has expanded its nanomaterials research for environmental, energy and medical applications. The Scientific team apart from operating funded, in-house, consultancy projects also conducts training and awareness programmes and workshops national and international conferences on recent trends and developments of Nanoscience on various themes of national interests. The centre is undertaking research and development projects from various agencies and is offering consultancy services to in industries and research organizations in India and abroad..Read More
Contact : Dr. Vinita Vishwakarma - [email protected]
2. Centre for Molecular and Nanomedical Sciences
The centre was emerged from the Nanomedicine and Drug Discovery Lab, (Year: 2012) of Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Initially, the Nanomedicine and Drug Discovery lab was funded with 2 major task force projects, Govt of India during 2013. Further, the lab was expanded as Molecular and Nanomedicine Research Unit for infrastructure facility establishments by the founding Chancellor for basic research in communicable and non-communicable diseases (Neuroscience Lab, Advanced Biomaterials Lab, Infectious Disease Biology Lab, Functional Genomics Lab, Zebrafish facility). The Molecular and Nanomedicine Research Unit (facility) was inaugurated on 17th March 2014 at the International Research Centre building.
Contact : Dr. Rajesh Kannan -  [email protected]
3. Centre of Excellence for Energy Research
energy research
The Centre of Excellence for Energy Research (CEER) funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr.A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India on December 9th, 2014 in the august presence of Col. Dr.JEPPIAAR, Founder and Chancellor of the Sathyabama University. This Centre of Excellence was generously funded by MHRD, under the scheme of Centre of Excellence in the Frontier Areas of Science and Technology (FAST) for the establishment of “Centre of Excellence for Energy Research (CEER)” to promote research activities in the area of Solar Photovoltaic, Fuel Cells, Supercapacitors, and Bio-energy etc. Read More
Contact: Dr.P. Kuppusami - [email protected]
4. DST-FIST Sponsored Program –Wireless Sensor Network Platform Lab for Intellectual Services and Knowledge Management
Wireless Sensor Network
Wireless Sensor Network Platform lab for Intellectual Services and Knowledge Management and also for doing the ongoing surveillance projects in real-time. The open stack (open source) has been installed in our lab for Wireless sensor-based projects. Further, it could be enhanced with high- end servers for Big Data Analytics and IoT related projects in real-time. Under DST FIST Lab Infrastructure facilities, the faculty, researchers and students will utilize for upgrading their knowledge using various Equipment’s like WSN Professional Kit, Libelium Evaluator Kit, IEEE-802.15-4 Node, Perytron-S Single Channel Analyzers, Perytron-S Scripting Tool.
Contact: Dr. Lakshmanan L - [email protected]
5. DST-FIST Sponsored Program – Cloud Computing
University Private Cloud has been deployed using OpenStack Private Cloud platform. The solution will also include a self-service portal using which Students, Researchers can request and access cloud infrastructure. The Cloud Lab specific solution offers the following: 1. OpenStack Private Cloud built using the available infrastructure 2. Self service portal that can be used by students and researchers to request for cloud infrastructure. 3. CoreStack Cloud Orchestration Engine in the background to provision, deploy apps and manage Cloud Infrastructure
Contact: Dr. Subhashini Radhakrishnan - [email protected]