What is the Fee structure for Ph.D. Course? Shall I pay the fees as cash?

Processing fees(non refundable)= Rs.2000/- [To be paid along with application form]

First DC Meeting fee = Rs.25,000/- [To be paid during First DC Meeting]

Part time (Int./Ext.)Semester fees = Rs.25,000/-[To be paid for each semester]

Full time Semester fees = Rs.30,000/-[To be paid for each semester]

Comprehensive exam fees Rs.10,000/-[To be paid during Comprehensive Meeting]

Extension fee = Rs.10,000/- [To be paid during Extension meeting, if maximum duration is exceeded – in spells of every six months]

Synopsis fees = Rs.10,000/- [To be paid during synopsis meeting]

Thesis Evaluation fee = Rs.15,000/- [To be paid during submission of Thesis]

Viva Voce fee = Rs.10,000/- [To be paid during Defending Viva Voce]

All fees should be paid by DD / Online mode drawn in favour of Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology payable at Chennai.