Ms. Judith

University of Yaounde I Cameroon

Research participant in NanoMedicine Labs

Carrying out the Research at Sathyabama was exciting for me for various reasons: thorough advice and supervision, excellent research facilities and enabling environment, are just to mention a few. Sathyabama is keen to familiarize the Indian culture to foreign students through various events and activities. I recommend Sathyabama because of friendly atmosphere and interesting projects.

Dr. Patrick Brice DEEH DEFO

University of Dschang, Cameroon

Research participant in Bio Labs

I am really proud for being a RTF fellow, because this is a good opportunity to learn new techniques which will be really helpful in my research career. I have received specific training in some methodology and soft skills which are extremely important for developing productive cooperations in the future. I strongly recommend this fellowship to all African researchers at large and Cameroonian Scientists in particular. Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, DST and FICCI for all financial and technical supports.

Mr. Alexandre Emerson

UNIS, Brazil

Semester abroad programme participant in School of Mechanical Engineering

I learned a lot of things in the laboratory.. Metrology lab is amazing. Heat & Mass Transfer lab is awesome. Robotics department has great machinery and we can learn a lot. All the Professors are really helpful and they give support in anything you need. In Sathyabama I got good friends, good memories, and most importantly, I achieved great knowledge. Thank you so much Sathyabama for giving me this opportunity and for being a symbol of excellence in knowledge and teaching.

Mr. Kim Tae Hyun

Halla University

Semester abroad programme participant in School of Management Studies

For me Sathyabama is very special. I studied Service Marketing, e-Commerce, Advertising and Marketing Management. I feel happy meeting Indian friends, teachers and parents. Thank you for the opportunity.

Mr. Iif Alfiyatul Mukaromah, Ms. Miladiah, Mr. Muhammad Nashiruddin Darajat, Mr. Ockhy Jey Fhiter Wassalam, Ms. Tresna Yudha Prawira, Ms. Sapriani Gustina, Mr. Faqihuddin Al Anshori

Ahmad Dahlan University, Indonesia

Summer school participants in School of Computing

I really love Sathyabama university environment. Friendly Atmosphere of professors made our learning fun and Exciting. For me, summer school became more than simple studying. It was a good chance for me to explore the labs, college campus moreover Chennai city. I am glad to be part of the summer school.

Ms.Samkeliso Takaidza

Vaal University of Technology, South Africa

Research participant in NanoMedicine Labs

I spent six lovely months in sathyabama, full of amazing experience. The lab experience was just wonderful. I got beautiful guidance from Dr. Mathan. The cell culture facilities were with advanced technologies had enriched my knowledge. Yes, Sathyabama absolutely provides an amazing platform for research. The best part is the friends I earned here and also I explored the diversity culture and my overall experience in Sathyabama was just fit for purpose.

Mr. Stephen Oyedeji

University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Research participant in NanoMedicine Labs

I can see the clean laboratory instruments and equipments. The research experience over here was incredible. I want to say a big thank to Dr. Vinita Vishwakarma, who supported me in the research part. Especially, I like the food and culture. I enjoy new experiences and meeting wonderful people here. I really recommend the research fellowship in Sathyabama.

Mr. Eom Ju Hyun

Halla University, South Korea

Semester abroad programme participant in School of Management Studies

I thoroughly enjoyed my academic experience in the six months of Sathyabama journey. I had a chance to visit the most beautiful and iconic places in and around the city. All of my staff members were really helpful and very informative. Learning is very much easy because of their guidance. Also, I felt really great hands with the students who took care of me in my whole journey in Sathyabama. Both the staff members and students helped me to improve my academic knowledge. Living and Studying in Sathyabama was such an amazing experience.

Mr. M. Salih Osman Hommed Ali

Industrial Research & Consultancy Centre (IRCC)

Research participant in Molecular Nano Medicine Labs

Thank you for maintaining a busy agenda, it helped me tremendously knowing students were being productive most of the time. The campus in Sathyabama was very impressive. The people I met here were very warmth and heart touching. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to sharing my experiences with my staff and students.