Faculty Feedback - IQAC NAAC

Rate your opinion on the relevancy/ sufficiency of the courses on latest technology trends.
Does the curriculum have good mix of theory and laboratory aspects of courses
Rate the liberty you are given to contribute your ideas in course revision, curriculum design, development and innovative pedagogical initiatives
Does the curriculum include value added courses/ soft skill training/ domain specific electives for enhancing constructive learning.
Rate your satisfaction on the process followed for the periodic curriculum revision by the institution
Your view on whether the experiences gained through Projects/ Internships/ certifications facilitated more Employability skills/ Communication skills/ confidence in students.
Does the curriculum have scope for acquiring strong knowledge and intellect on the specific domains through electives/CBCS/ Value Added Courses/ Certifications, etc
Your opinion on the various platforms and opportunities facilitated by the Institution to achieve your goals.
Does the curriculum clearly state the learning outcomes and the process of assessment and evaluation?
Are the academic initiatives of the department contributing towards achieving the Mission and Vision of the institution