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Admissions - 2020



  • To motivate and enhance the knowledge of students who are passionate towards aeronautical adventurous activities
  • To support, ensure and build up the study and practice of Aeronautics and Aviation in the University and to give guidance on all matters relating to Aeronautics


Aero Club  has conducted a workshop on hands on training on designing Quadcopters , experts from Industry has trained the students on 12th March 2020.

Aero Club

AERO club has conducted a "BITPLANE AIRCRAFT WORKSHOP"  in association with SKYFI LABS on 29th January, 2019. Students are trained in the modeling of Aircraft modeling.


AEROCLUB of Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology has conducted a Workshop on "BI-PLANE RC AIRCRAFT MODELING" on 28th & 29th January,2019. The workshop is conducted in association with SKYFILABS, Bangalore.  Student participants had trained with hands-on experience in Aircraft Modeling. The workshop contributed to a greater extent in enriching the skill component of the students.

aero club

Aero club has conducted “Aerial Mapping using Drones”  Workshop by ROV LABS on 3/10/18 to 4/10/18.


Students participating in the training of aerial mapping

Aero Club Symposium "AEROSAT" held on 23rd and 24th March 2017.

Orientation programs consist of interaction classes by our own third year students talking about latest upcoming technologies, new researches, and various topics related to their subjects.


Tutorial classes taken by third year student

Bottle Rocketry is a practical work of making a rocket using water bottles and using water and pressure as the propulsion system

Testing of the models done by the students

Making RC models of aircrafts and Rotor crafts is an interesting hobby for students. This helps the students in learning practical designing of an aircraft and also in gaining knowledge on electrical circuits.

Paper Plane is a task of making a plane using paper. This enhances the students to design and create new models of paper planes.

Paper models made by students

Balsa Models made by the students

QUAD FLYING is a flying event in which we provide students with readymade quad copters to teach them flying. They learn the operation of various controls of the RC models.

Aero Club students won second place in RC Modelling competition held at IIT Mumbai


Quiz - an event conducted during Technosummit

MAKE IT BUT DON’T BREAK IT is an event  conducted during this Technosummit to bring up the designing skills of the student by making a parachute carrying an egg and leaving it from a certain height making sure that it doesn’t break when it lands on the ground.

CAD Modelling workshop held during Technosummit


Space Exhibition



Also there was an Exhibition (EXHITECH) on low speed aerodynamics, radio controlled aircrafts and space science.


To get to know the different types of aircraft disasters, the causes and to put a forward report on the incident and also to overcome these types of situations if it occurs any time later.


To test cognitive skills in the gaming. Participants will be given an android emulated PC game. Initially participants will be given a practice session for certain duration.

To test the drawing skills of the participants and to build innovative ideas behind rocket science. Participants are allowed to draw any innovative existing or non-existing product. Judging will be purely based on the drawing skills and their description about the product. The filtered participants will be taken to the final round. In the final round participants will be given templates for making match stick rocket. The rocket which travels the maximum wins.

FLY MY QUAD is a programme to fly and know the basic working of a multi rotor aerial vehicle (quad copter) and understanding the aerodynamic effects behind it. Participants will be given a practice session for a certain duration. Participants will be given specific tasks to be completed within the stipulated time.

AIRSURFERS is a programme to study about walk along gliders and the aerodynamic forces on it. Participants must make their own walk along glider using the given templates.




NASA's engineering design challenge focuses on NASA’s current plans to explore planets, moons, asteroids and comets. The NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge was held on April 8, 9&10 2016, at the U. S. Space & Rocket Center. The challenge will focus on designing, constructing and testing technologies for mobility devices to perform in these different environments, and it will provide valuable experiences that engage students in the technologies and concepts that will be needed in future exploration missions.

Rovers will be human-powered and carry two students, one female and one male, over a half-mile obstacle course of simulated extraterrestrial terrain of craters, boulders, ridges, inclines, crevasses and depressions.



AERO CLUB students participated and won the "Best International Team Award" in this Mars Rover Challenge held from 7th to 9th April, 2016 in NASA.