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Admissions - 2020
Admissions - 2020

Value Added Skill Developments

  • BEC – Business English Certificate program been offered to our students to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students are encourages to take this during their second year of studies with us.

  • Regular Seminars are conducted to keep in touch with the recent trends in the Higher education scenario by resource persons from United States Educational Foundation in India (USEFI) - a part of U.S. Embassy, U.K. Consulate, Professors from Foreign Universities and our Alumni who have done Higher Studies and employed in India and Abroad.

  • Networking courses are also conducted for students on the following areas :

                                CCNA     -    CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ADMINISTRATORS
                                MCP      -    MICROSOFT CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS
                                MCSE     -    MICROSOFT CERTIFIED SOFTWARE ENGINEERS

  • Software courses for Non IT students are also conducted in the following areas :

                               JAVA PROGRAMMING               ORACLE
                               VISUAL PROGRAMMING            J2EE
                               C & C + + PROGRAMMING
                               INTERNET PROGRAMMING (HTML, XML, ASP, JAV ASCRIPT)