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Frontier Lecture Series

Power Lecture Series (2016 – 2017)

Mr. G. Sathiyaseelan, General Manager (Head Styling), Ashok Leyland,12th September 2016



The School of Mechanical Engg organized a Power lecture on "Recent trends in Automobiles" on 12th September 2016. Mr. G. Sathiyaseelan, General Manager (Head Styling), Ashok Leyland delivered the energetic lecture on the fundamentals of Design of Automobiles and shared his industrial experience. He emphasized the importance of form design in relation to Indian environment in the automotive field, with particular emphasis on structure, styling, and economy

Prof. Pietro Valdastri, Ph.D, Professor of Robotics and Automation system, Director of STORM Lab,12th September 2016

School of Electrical and Electronics organized a lecture by Dr. Pietro Valdastri on 12th September 2016. He is the Chair of Robotics and Autonomous Systems in Leeds University. He enlightened the third year B.E. students of ECE, EEE, E&C, EIE, ETCE, Mechanical departments on “Medical Capsule Robots”. Capsule robots are meso-scale devices that leverage extreme miniaturization to access and operate in environments that are out of reach for larger robots. He also illustrated capsule robots which are designed to enter the human body through natural orifices or small incisions, and to perform endoscopy and surgery while minimizing the invasiveness of the procedure

Mr. Jayakumar kapali. CEO, India Direct , 8th September 2016


Faculty of Computing organized a power Lecture on 8th September 2016 by Mr. Jayakumar Kapali,Chief ExecutiveDirector - Technical and Projects at IndiaDirect Web Services Limited, Chennai on topic "Network Security". He explained the possible security threats and how to secure the network.  Second year and third year CSE and IT students participated and the lecture was very interactive and informative

Dr. M S Sricharan, Senior Manager, Wipro Technologies ,7th September 2016

Faculty of Computing organized a power Lecture on 7th September 2016 by Dr.M.S.Sricharan, Senior Consultant, Wipro Technologies on the topic "SDN (Software Defined Networks) and its purpose". III year CSE and IT students participated.  He had delivered the scope and future directions of Software Defined Networks in the Industry.  The speech highly motivated the students to carry out projects in the domain.


Dr. Balasundaram Bangaru, Research Scientist in University College London, UK. 22nd August 2016


On 22nd August 2016, School of Bio & Chemical Engineering organized a Power lecture series on Process development of biopharmaceuticals by Dr. Balasundaram Bangaru, who is working as a research scientist in University College London, UK. The second year students of Chemical engineering, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Biomedical were briefed about basic research and their need to meet current market requirements. The students were also given an insight on cycling expeditions as he had finished a cycle expedition from Alaska to south Argentina in 21 months. He urged the students to make their dreams to become reality and the students found the lecture thought provoking and inspiring.

Mr. Arumugam Shankar, National Director, Head (Operations), Strategic Consulting, JLLM. 11th August 2016


The School of Building and Environment conducted a Power Lecture on “Urbanization” for the Architecture and Civil students on 11th August, 2016.

Ar. Arumugam Shankar, National Director, Head (Operations), Strategic Consulting, JLLM spoke about the need for urbanization and the impact it has on the society. He also traced us back to how cities evolved and is still evolving and the need for Smart Cities. As the population continues to grow and urbanize at unprecedented rates, new techniques will create a successful transition into developing environmentally and economically sustainable cities. He also stressed that the job market for architects and civil students are immense