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1. Why should I go for Student Exchange?

It builds your resume, makes you very impressive to potential employer

You can take courses that are not offered in India

Learn in a an entirely different way than you do in a classroom on campus

Builds your self-esteem and confidence.

2. Which year student can go for exchange programme?

We generally encourage students to go on exchange in their third year, but students are also eligible to go in their second year.

3. Can I go for exchange in my final year?

Students who participate in an exchange in their final year of study may not graduate until the convocation. Due to timing differences in academic years at universities around the world, your grades may not be available in time to meet deadlines to graduate.

4. Can I go for one full year?

No, you can choose to go for one term only.  You can go for a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 6 months.When selecting the term you would like to apply for, please note the start and end dates of the academic year at the host institution

5. Where will I stay?

Most of our exchange students live in on-campus residences at our partner universities. If the host institution does not own residences, their International Exchange Office helps incoming exchange students find off-campus housing.

6. How much will it cost me?

The overall cost of an exchange will vary significantly depending on your spending habits and the country and city in which you study. Exchange participants are responsible for the cost of airfare, travel documents, applicable vaccinations, supplementary health insurance, accommodation, and other incidental expenses. Participants are required to arrange their own travel/immigration documents, plane tickets, health insurance, and vaccinations.

7. How many courses do I have to take? How it will be decided?

The number of required courses varies depending on the institution you are attending. Each university has a different grading system so you will need to be aware of the overall number of credits you need to take, rather than the number of courses. You can take 3-4 four courses based on the credits.

The courses will be decided based on the discussions with your respective Technology Development Head, Department Head, Faculty Head and Controller of Examinations.

8. Can I select my University?

 Yes, provided we have an agreement for Student Exchange with that University.

9. Can I get Sponsorship/Scholarship?

 It depends on Universities. Some universities waive course fee. But other expenses generally the students will have to meet.