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Child Care


     The developing economies like India are now empowering women for financial and social enhancement through employment opportunities. Working women irrespective of staying in nuclear or joint families require a safe and educative growing environment for their children. Mother Theresa Child Care centre at Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology is an exclusive initiative ensuring a home away from home for the children of the SATHAYABAMA employers.dsc_0_400

     The Centre is the vision of Dr. Marie Johnson, Director Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology who strongly believes that the key for effective contribution in the work environment is the requirement of undisturbed routine and peace in the day to day activities. Children, being the priority of concern to the parents, are highly influential in their professional advancement. Under the guidance of Dr. Mariazeena Johnson, a survey had been conducted and every detail of requirement by the parents and the children has been enumerated. The Mother Theresa Day Care centre is thus an organized facility in which the essentials for child care are carefully incorporated in a novel and attractive manner.

    The Day care centre has wide rooms for playing and 3 special rooms for sleeping for the kids. The entire area is plastered with 3 feet of rubber walls to ensure the safety of the little children. Presently provisions have been provided to cater to the children from the age of 6months to 3.5 yrs of age. Special kitchen for preparing food for the children and equipped toilets with clean and hygienic usage are the highlights.

    dsc_055_400_01   A Trained Montessori teacher is appointed to enable education in grooming such as manners at home, manners in public, table manners and toilet habits. Developmental concepts of numbers, time, colors, forms, words and creativity are designed to be implemented for the required children. Colorful toys and several educative blocks to develop motor and cognitive skills of the children are provided and the children are taught according to their choices and likes.

       The centre was inaugurated on the 18th of March 2013 and the parents are overwhelmed with the safe and convenient atmosphere and learning environment provided beyond comparison well within their reach. Currently 20 children have been enrolled and parents of children above 5years of age have urged the management to facilitate a similar learning platform for their wards during their holidays. The management has been working on the further developments such as providing special visual provisions to enable parents to see their children at the centre from their departments. Club activities to facilitate activity- based fun learning are being devised for children aged above 5 years.dsc_0555_copy_400

       The Mother Theresa Day Care Centre is considered a boon by the employees of Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology and this measure to enable independent and stress free work environment is lauded as the best initiative of women empowerment.