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Frontier Lecture Series (2013 -2014)

Power Lecture Series (June 2013 – Dec 2014)

16th July,2013

Guest : Richard Spitzer and Subu D Subramanian

richard3_400The Power Series Lecture commenced with the welcoming of the guests, namely, Mr. Richard D. Spitzer, FOUNDER &CEO, SPITZER GROUP LLC, TEXAS, USA  and Mr. Subu D. Subramanian, Managing Director & CEO, Defiance Technologies Ltd.. The Power Series Lecture was attended by our Registrar, Dr. S.S.Rau and the Controller of Examinations, Dr. K.V. Narayanan. The chief guests were felicitated with a shawl and a memento, after which the key note talk was presented by the dignitaries one after the other.

Mr. Richard Spitzer impressed upon the students the need for innovative thinking and the advantage of kick-starting an idea into its formation at a young age. He talked about enhancing the entrepreneurship skills through assertive communication. He even took a round of questions before passing on the baton to Mr. Subu Subramanian, who in turn talked about the exploding opportunities in the aerospace sector. He also brought into limelight the importance of improving the quality of the IT talent pool and employability in India.

The Power Lecture Series came to a close with the two guests  ending on a high note with an enthusiastic applause from the audience.


17th July,2013

Guest : Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai ayya_400
The Power Series Lecture commenced with the welcoming of the guests, namely, Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai, the founder of EMAIL.  The programme started with thamilthai valthu, followed by welcome adress by our student and introduction about the guest by Registrar, Felicitation of chief guest by our beloved  Director Dr. Mariazeena johnoson with shawl and momento. The dignitary on the dias were Chancellor,Vice chancellor, Directors, Registrar, Controller, Dean (Publications and Conferences).  Dr. Shiva ayyadurai unvielled the technosummit poster.
Dr. Shiva presented a very inspiring speech about innovation and overcoming hurdles on the way to achieve it. He called upon students to further innovation and entrepreneurship, telling them that they are the future of the country and India looks to them for equitable and socially just development. Dr. Shiva reminded the students and staff on the importance of self-belief in trying to fulfill one’s destiny and calling in life. Dr. Shiva interacted with students and staff after his speech.


14th August, 2013

Guest : Mrs. Deepa Malik deepa_malik_400

Under the power series lecture we all had a chance to meet a true source of inspiration, the Arjuna awarded madam Deepa malik.
Deepa Malik is an Indian swimmer, biker and athlete. Malik is not an ordinary person. She is a paraplegic, paralysed from waist down, but that has not stopped the 43-year-old from taking up challenges. The mother of two and wife of an Army officer, in fact, turned adversities into opportunity and success. Life took a twist when a spinal tumor made walking impossible. It was a tough time for Malik family. Her husband Bikram Singh Malik was fighting the Kargil war and at home Deepa was struggling with her tumors. Finally the family won both the war. India won Kargil. Despite three spinal tumour surgeries and 183 stitches between shoulder blades, she came out a winner and has never looked back.
The lecture was very interactive and the interaction with the her bring up new ways to fine the solution of our day today life , she told her story of  life who she suffer with tumor at the age of 6 and facing it again at the age of  30 which totally change her life but she being a person to live the life on her ways make her to come up and break not even thinking of many person but many record in swimming it’s her effort that people start believing on them self and start coming up in life  
After the lecture she show us an presentation consist of many her photo riding bike , winning medals and lots more the aim behind this it to motivate us that if she can do this then we can also do , its all about not to assume but to know, to be honest, to be confident, to have the passion to make our dream come true no matter what it takes its all about to believe in our self.


25th June, 2014

Guest : Mr. Sudhip Mishra, ‎Head- e Campus Recruitment-India, Infosys

dsc_00931Mr. Sudhip Mishra, ‎Head- e Campus Recruitment-India, Infosys has delivered a power lecture to our final year students on “Bridging the Academia and Industry Expectation” on 25th June 2014. He extolled the caliber that Sathyabama maintaining for a longer period and urged the students to step up and be focused on what they want to achieve by setting up both short term and long term goals. He also motivated the students to take up the challenge to meet the corporate expectation as major industries are not able to meet the requirement.


19th Mar 2014

Guest : Mr. Sujith Kumar, Location Head- Human Resoursces, Infosys, Chennai

dsc_58861The fifth power lecture series is by Mr. Sujith kumar, Location head – HR, Infosys, Chennai on 19th March 2014 at 10 am in central library auditorium. Te programme started with a welcome address by Dr. B Sheela rani, Vice chancellor. Mam mentioned that usually the speaker irrespectie of the audience he talks his expertice in his fields without bothering whether the audience will understand or not. According to mam, Mr. Sujith is one such person who speaks based on the audience and their interest.  The talk was really an inspirational, motivational and thought provoking. For the begining till end all students was enjoying. He shared his experience and their by morivated them.

“I was not bright in academics, although my parents aspired that I become an engineer, and that was not to be. I did, however, complete my college education, bagging a gold medal in Statistics, and this eventually proved to be a turning point in my life,” he said. He also recounted the difficulty his parents had in getting him a seat in a reputed college.

His anecdotes held the young crowd in rapt attention when it was not in splits over the humourous ones. Kumar drove the point that the focus of education will have to change drastically in the country. “What should be easy is difficult and what should be difficult is easy in this country,” he added.
He advised the students to refrain from seeking a “job” in life. “Choose a career, for that will give you satisfaction; a job will not," he said and urged the students not to get bogged down by peer pressure and aim at excellence.

12th Mar 2014

Guest : Mr. V Ponraj, Scientist and Advisor to Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

Topic : “Engineering and Technology for National Development”

dsc_07631Fourth Power lecture was by Mr. V Ponraj, Scientist and  Advisor to Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam on topic “Engineering and Technology for National Development” o 12th March 2014 at 1:45pm. The leture was attended by more than 300 students and faculty members. The event started with a beautiful welcome  address by Registrar Dr. S S Rau and the guest was felicitated by Dr. B Sheela Rani, Vice Chancellor.  Mr. Ponraj talk was very informative and he spoke about the wonders of engineering and technology and its role in upliftment of human. He spoke about the recent developments in rocket, satellite and missile technology. After his talk he answered all questions posted by enthusiatic students.  After his talk, our students explained the nano satellite made by them which was very much appreciated by him.  He visited all research laboratories and he was explained the various projects done by our scientist. He was fascinated about the nano center with all its sophesticated equipments. He remarked our  nano research center as state-of-the-art laboratory.

5th March 2014

Guest : Mr. CK Ranganathan, Chairman and Managing Director, Cavincare

dsc_05141Third power series lecture was by Mr. CK Ranganathan, Chairman and Managing Director, Cavincare which was conducted on 5th march 2:30 to 3:45 pm. The lecture stated with a welcome address by Dr. S S Rau, Registrar and followed by felicitation of the chief guest by Vice Chancellor Dr. B Sheela Rani. Then Mr. CK Ranganathan shared his experience as an entreprenuer. His talk inspired many budding young entreprenuer. He discussed his ups and downs and how he started his business with just Rs.15,0000. He also informed students about the basic ethics he is following in his businees and how this discipline helped him to construct his business in the positive way. He also informed that to start business knowlege and getting high marks alone is not suffecint, passion for business and how to constructively think and move forward. He also said that business is no longer male donimated, many lady entreprenuer is very competitive and doing good innovative business. He also informed that to be a good entreprenuer, one should be creative and should satisfy the coustmer. He also  narated the diference between family business and business family. In family business the entreprenuer thinks only about the owners comfort which will not be sucessful. on the other hand business family, the concern is given to customer first, then the employess. He also informed the budding entreprenurs, how should they satisy the customer, Employeees, Vendor, Banker/Financier and then Govt. After his talk many students clarified their doubts.

25th Feb 2014

Guest : Mr. K Srinivasan, Founder and Chairman of Prime Point

dsc_02011Second power lecture was arranged on 25th Feb 2014. the talk was given by Mr. K Srinivasan Founder and Chairman of Prime Point, and he is also Chief Strategist, Image Audit and Editor-in-Chief, of  PreSense and PodUniversal as well Co-Founder & Past President, Cyber Society of India
His talk was on 'Seven Steps to overcome the challenges of business communication' .

Around 700 interested students drawn from the engineering and management courses attended the lecture. During the presentation, Prime Point Srinivasan through interaction with audience ascertained the various challenges the students faced in writing and speaking.  Then, he walked through seven steps of overcoming these challenges.  He also emphasised the need for practising 'active listening' and 'reading habits'.  He  insisted that the students should practise writing and speaking skills on a day 
to day basis, instead of looking only during the needed time.

Srinivasan explained as to how the social media tools like facebook and twitter have spoiled the writing skills of the youth. He suggested the students to start writing blogs frequently on any subject of their choice, so that they could develop good writing skills.  He advised the students not to get obsessed with social media all the time.

24th Feb 2014

Guest : Dr. Sunder Raghavan & Dr. Massod,Emry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida

dsc_00101First power lecture for this semster was  arranged on 24th Feb 2014. Through this  'Power lecture series'  the University invites experts from different fields to share their views and expertise with the students.  This lecture series is  the brain child of our Directors. The first power talk was given by Dr. Sunder Raghavan, Programme Coordinator, and Dr. Massood, Department of Economics, Finance and information Systems of Emry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida.  Dr. Sunder raghavan gave insights about doing MBA in abroad and its scope and oppurtunity in the aeronautical industry. He also answered many students query on how to do higher studies, opportunity for different branch of engineering in the field of aeronautical engineering.

Dr. Massod shared his expereince as computer science professional and dsc_00161also he discussed about his various projects  with the students. The session went on for more than 2 hours and it was very interactive and very informative. Both professors are felicitated with a momento and shawl. Around 650 intrrested students participated in this event