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Conducted Conferences





Date & Year



 Electronics & Communication Engineering

 Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

 Electronics & Control Engineering

 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

 Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Physics,

 Visual Communication




12th & 14th November,2007



 International Conference on “Trends In 

 Intelligent Electronic Systems- 2007”  

 (TIES 2007)


 echanical Engineering, Production Engineering,  

 Aeronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering,



 28th  to 30th  November, 2007


 International Conference on “Emerging

 Challenges in Design and Manufacturing

 Technologies – 2007” (ECHDEM – 2007)


 Bio Technology, Bio Medical Engineering,

 Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Bio Informatics



5th  & 7th  December, 2007


 International Conference on “Applied

 Bioengineering -2007” (ICAB 2007)


 Computer Science and Engineering, Information   

 Technology, Software Engineering/Electronics

 Sciences, Computer Applications, Mathematics,

 Business Administration, English



12th & 14th December, 2007


 International Conference on “Trendz in

 Information Science and Computing-2007”

  (TISC 2007)






8th , 9th  &10th  February 2008


 International Conference on “English

 Language Teachers Association Of India –

 2008” (ELTAI 2008)


 Electronics & Communication Engineering

 Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

 Electronics & Control Engineering

 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

 Electronic Sciences, Civil Engineering,

 Architecture Physics, Centre for

 Remote Sensing and  Geoinformatics





13th & 15th November 2008




 International Conference on “Emerging

 Scenarios In Space      Technology And

 Applications- 2008” (ESSTA 2008)


 Electronics Communication Engineering


28th & 30th January, 2010


 National Conference on “CARCN -2010”



 Computer Science & Engineering 


4th & 5th March 2010 


 National Conference on “Recent Trends in

 computer Science  Engineering” (RTCSE) 



 Master of Business Administration 


21st & 22nd July 2010


 Management Meet 10



 Centre for Nano Technology



23rd to 25th July 2010


 National Conference on “Trends in

 Renewable Energy Sources, Applications

 & Climate Change” (TRESAC)



 Electrical and Electronics Engineering



29th & 30th July 2010



 National Conference on “Future Challenges

 and Building Intelligent Techniques in

 Electrical and Electronics Engineering”

 (NCEEE’ 10) 


 Master of Computer Applications


30th & 31st July 2010


 National Conference on “Computing 

 Concepts in Current Trends” (NC4T’10)


 Mechanical Engineering


 9th  & to 10th  August 2010


 National Conference on “Emerging Trendz 

 in Mechanical Engineering” (NCETME’10)



 Electronics and Control Engineering



6th  & 7th  October, 2010


 National Conference on “Emerging Trends

 In Networking, Automation & Control



 Electronics & Communication Engineering

 Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

 Chemical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering

 Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Architecture,





 13th  to 15th  November, 2010


 International Conference on “Recent

 Advances in Space Technology Services

 andClimate Change – 2010”

 (RSTS & CC - 2010)


 Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering

 Mechanical and Production Engineering

 Mathematics, Chemistry 



25th  to 27th  November, 2010


 International Conference on “Frontiers in

 Automobile and Mechanical Engineering”



 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

 Electronics & Control Engineering

 Electrical and Electronics Engineering,

 BioTechnology,  Bio Medical Engineering



3rd  to 5th December, 2010


 International Conference on “Emerging

 Trends in Robotics and Communication



 Computer Science Engineering, Information 

 TechnologyMaster of Computer Applications,

 Master of Business Administration , Bio




17th  to 19th   December, 2010


 2nd International Conference on “Trendz in

 Information Sciences & Computing” (TISC -




 Electronics and Communication Engineering



27th   & 28th   January , 2011


 National Conference on “Emerging Trends

 inVLSI , Embedded and Nano Technologies”

 (NC – EVENT -2011)



 Chemical Engineering



20th  -21st  January,2011


 National Conference on “Current Trends in

 Chemical and Biochemical Engineering”




 All Research Centre 



4th – 5th February, 2011


 3rd Round Table Meet on “Climate Change,

 Agriculture, Sustainable Development and

 Public Leadership”


CONDUCTED CONFERENCE LIST (From June' 2011 - Till Date)






Date & Year






 Centre for Waste Management




         7th June, 2011



 International Seminar on “Waste

 Management-2011” in association with

 International Solid Waste Association(ISWA)

 and National Solid Waste Association of





 All Research Centres, Chemistry



     27th  -29th July, 2011


 Annual Convention on “Geo-Spatial

 Technologies & Applications”

 (Geo Summit-2011)




 Centre for Earth & Atmospheric Science



     August  22nd -25th,2011


 Application of Geoinformatics for  Impact of

 Climate Change  on Natural  Resources




 Centre for Earth & Atmospheric Science


    September 16th -17th 2011


 Application of Geoinformatics for  Impact of

 Climate Change  on Water   Resources



 Centre for Ocean Research, Mechanical,

 Mechanical & Production, Aeronautical



   10th -11th November, 2011.


 International Conference on “Impact 

 of Climate Change on Coastal Eco




 Electrical and Electronics Engineering,

 Electronics & Telecommunication

 Engineering, Electronics and

 Communication Engineering, Centre for

 NanoScience and NanoTechnology




    28th – 30th November, 2011.



 International Conference on “Nano Sciences,

 Engineering & Technology- ICONSET 2011”



 Computer Science Engineering,  

 Information Technology,

 Master of Computer Applications 



   8th - 9th December, 2011.


 3rd International Conference on “Trendz in

 Information Sciences and Computing




 Centre for Waste Management,

 Bio Medical, Bio Informatics,

 Bio Technology 


   15th – 17th December, 2011.


 International Conference on “Green

 Technology & Environmental Conservation




 Centre for NanoScience and   




    1st -03rd February, 2012.


 National Conference on “Trends in Renewable

 Energy Sources, Applications & Technologies”




 Centre for NanoScience and 



    3rd -5th September, 2012


 National Nanotechnology meet on energy and

 Environment (NAMEE-2012)