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Attention to NRI Research Scholars



Six months review meeting – Reg.
Common to all Ph.D Scholars

Six months review meeting is being held for all Ph.D candidates every six months (January and July) to review their work progress in research. External review members are invited on a specific day for each faculty (Timetable will be displayed in website two months before the conduct of meeting) to review the work progress. Candidate should present their work in person, in University done during the last six months.

For NRI Scholars

Candidates are given exemption to present once in a year (January or July) During this period above procedure of presentation in university is to be followed. If missing the January review, then one should come in July positively and present the one year work progress

As far as fees is concerned, 500 USD should be paid on or before 10th January and 10th July for every semester online to the account 6448038170 and a copy of receipt for amount transferred should be sent by mail. During their presence in university in January or July the one year report duly signed by supervisor should be submitted on the day of review meeting given in the time table schedule.

You are requested to kindly stick on to the procedures of the UGC Ph.D regulations for smooth conduct of programme and award of degree.

For Ph.D queries mail to

Director (Research)

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