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MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT and RICH INTERNET APPLICATIONS are the elective subjects offered to all the final year students. Courses in collaboration with other universities, industries, foreign institutions, etc. CCNA in collaboration with CISCO NETWORKING Semester – Absolute Credit Based System NAAC for Quality and Excellence in Higher Education This course has been designed and conducted in collaboration with VIRTUSA. NIL Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Mechanical Engineering Name of Department Chemical Engineering. : : Electrical and Electronics Engineering where the course is offered Bio-Informatics Engineering Automobile Engineering Mechanical Engineering Bio-Informatics Engineering Automobile Engineering Details of programmes discontinued, if any, with reasons Certification courses from IBM,Microsoft and Oracle. Department Offers the following Courses: Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments Name of Subject Programming in C Programming in C++ ACADEMY Examination systems Self Study Report 6. 7. 8. 9. 283
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